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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Honda made a very cute self-driving cooler

Tech and coolers don’t always mix, as evidenced by the fiasco surrounding the successful-then-disastrous Coolest Cooler Kickstarter campaign. Honda is all out to change that at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, however: behold the Honda RoboCas Concept.

What is the Honda RoboCas Concept? Well. Honda calls it a “a unique form of electric mobility” that was “born to make each person’s ideas and dreams come true.” Its “use is limited only by the imagination.”

Or in other words, it’s a self-driving cooler with LED eyes.

The RoboCas design is clearly of a piece with the Sports EV concept car that Honda also unveiled at the show this year. Honda imagines people using it to open cafes or curry shops wherever they may roam. RoboCas “can follow people in its unique, cute way, bringing happiness and joy to everyone,” the company says. There’s also a Windows tablet stuck on the back, if that helps.

At Honda's Tokyo Motor Show booth, though, RoboCas pretty much just sat there and blinked at me. Oh well. I still love the idea, and hope that Honda’s concept becomes a reality someday.

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